'What Is A Grandfather?' Personalised Poem Print

Bespoke Verse

A witty and affectionate grandad poem describing all they do for us. Can be titled Grandpa, Gramps etc.

Our heartfelt A4 grandad print makes the perfect gift - whether it's for grandpa's birthday, grampy's christmas present, or a present from the grandkids on father's day.

Whether he's a newspaper reader, a slipper of fiver, or an everything knower, everyone will recognise the hero described in 'What is a Grandfather?'

We offer you the option of changing the wording of the title and last line from 'Grandfather' to 'Grandpa' , 'Gramps' or 'Grandad' if you wish.

You can chose from the background colours: green, grey, taupe. The print comes unframed but we would be happy to frame it for you. 

For an additional fee, you can choose to add a message at the bottom (BENEATH the last line of the poem - as in the images). To do this we remove the last two rhyming lines (25 & 26).

The poem is printed onto the highest quality GF Smith white A4 card (250gsm) using Dura-Bright waterproof ink. There is no mount around the print. Please note the print has a 3mm white border.

The unframed prints are dispatched in a super-stiff envelope.

For an extra fee we can frame the print for you. The lightweight wooden frame is matt white with a slightly grained effect. It has a hook for wall hanging. The front is perspex.

Each frame is hand finished in the UK by Fine Art Trade Guild commended framers using Italian moulding. The product is dispatched in a purpose-made picture box.

The print is H30 x W21cm (A4) and when framed is H34.5 x W25.7 x D2cm.

What is a Grandfather?

A carer, a sharer & sometimes grey-hairer

A grower, a mower, an everything knower

A picker-upper, a pop round for supper

A glasses loser & afternoon snoozer.

A thinker, a winker, a fine wine drinker

A listening ear & a fair refereer

A golfer, a talker, a leisurely walker

A best friend & mentor, a game inventor.

A newspaper reader, an oh yes indeeder

A bbq lighter, a keen joke reciter

A snorer, a pourer, a grandchild adorer

A go to the beacher & history teacher.

A room decorator, a shopping trip hater

A bin putter-outer & never a shouter

A disher, a fisher, a wasp & bug squisher

A finder, a taker, an early waker.

A free taxi driver & slipper of fiver

A keen babysitter, & sometimes keep fitter

A lender, a sender, a football defender

A payer, a player, a photo displayer.

A writer, inviter, a stay the nighter

A driving glover, & radio lover

A teaser, a squeezer, a generous geezer

A fixer, a maker, a holiday taker

A crossword completer & roast dinner eater (line 25)

A story-teller & all round good fella (line 26)

That’s what makes a Grandfather!

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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