Marriage Poem Postcard In Solid Beech Frame

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A witty, affectionate marriage poem in a gorgeous chunky beech frame.

This witty, heartfelt A6 framed postcard makes the perfect wedding present. It's also a romantic gift for a partner - whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or even Valentine's Day.

Written by award-winning Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller, this 20 line poem captures the range experiences and emotions that love inspires - hence it is often used as a wedding reading.

The font is a dark shade of taupe - slightly lighter than the images suggest.

Whether it's tender supporting, or raucous cavorting, everyone will recognise the experiences described in 'What is a Marriage?'

The poem is printed onto the highest quality A6 card stock using Dura-Bright waterproof ink. There is no mount around the postcard. The beech frames are beautifully hand-finished and stand up unaided. The front is glass.

The framed A6 postcard measures H17.5 x W13 x D2.5cm

What is a Marriage?

It’s loving & cherishing, hopefully relishing

It’s hosting & toasting & Sunday roasting

It’s having & holding, the odd little scolding

It’s guessing, confessing & nightly undressing

It’s trying, relying, a little white lying

It’s snoring, adoring, occasionally boring

It’s enduring, alluring & most reassuring

It’s knowing & showing, & mutually growing

It’s compliment giving & always forgiving

It’s sharing & caring & dressing gown wearing

It’s walking, it’s talking & bottle uncorking

It’s tender supporting & raucous cavorting

It’s secret confiding & shoulder providing

It’s readily praising & often amazing

It’s loving, respecting & calmly accepting

It’s cleaning, it’s mopping, it’s waltzing & bopping

It’s needing, conceding & possibly breeding

It’s playing & paying, it’s coping & staying

It’s comfort when weeping, a warm body sleeping

It’s lives interweaving & always believing

That’s what makes a marriage.

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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