Grandparent Poem Postcard In Solid Beech Frame

Grandparent Poem Postcard In Solid Beech Frame

Bespoke Verse

A witty, affectionate grandparent poem in a gorgeous chunky beech frame.

Our unique framed A6 grandparent postcard makes the perfect grandparent gift, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's day, Father's day or Grandparent's Day!

Written by Bespoke Verse poet Joanna Miller, the design is by Russet and Gray.

Whether he or she is a traveller, a talker, a best friend or mentor, everyone will recognise the loving Granny or Grandpa described in 'What is a Grandparent?'

The poem is printed onto the highest quality A6 card stock using Dura-Bright waterproof ink. There is no mount around the postcard.

The beech frames are beautifully hand-finished and stand up unaided. The front is glass.

The framed A6 postcard measures H17.5 x W13 x D2.5cm

What is a Grandparent ?

A hugger, a kisser, a grandchild misser

A laugher, a crafter, a fun looker-after

A trusted adviser, indulgent surpriser

A listening ear & a fair refereer

A carer, a sharer, a sometimes grey-hairer

A school gate collector, a ringer & texter

A crossword completer & roast dinner eater

A writer, delighter, a stay the nighter

A traveller, talker & leisurely walker

A best friend & mentor, a clever inventor

A ‘what-do-you-sayer?’ & board game player

A generous payer & photo displayer

A newspaper reader, an ‘oh yes indeeder’

A godsend to mother, a garden lover

A debater, relater, a cold weather hater

A picker-upper, a pop round for supper

A thinker, a winker, a cup of tea drinker

A mender, a sender, a coaxer & lender

A free taxi driver & slipper of fiver

A pleaser, a teaser, affectionate squeezer

That’s what makes a grandparent!

Copyright Joanna Miller 2014. (Author's permission required to reproduce this poem.)

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