Classic Poetry Subscription

Bespoke Verse

A classic poetry subscription box of 3 beautiful poem postcards per month and a stylish wooden stand for display.


A unique gift for book lovers, poetry lovers, literature lovers, readers, teachers and people who will relish a monthly subscription treat of poetry.


The poets featured include: W B Yeats, Keats, Donne, Rossetti, Bronte, Shakespeare, Hardy, Owen, Blake, Hopkins, Clare, Eliot, Shelley, Coleridge and Tennyson. The selection includes work by a number of female poets and although most are British, there are some American poets featured too.

The poems selected tie in with the month in question, for example, there are two war poems in the November subscription box.

The first month comes with a wooden stand and an introductory postcard, as well as the three poems. Each month has its own colour scheme and the poems come with a cover page stating the month. (Wooden stand included in first month only.) The poem postcards are 5 x 7 inches and are blank on the reverse.

The poetry subscription box is available for a period of 3-12 months. It can begin at any time of the year.


Subscriptions are sent out in the first week of the month.

The first box is larger (because of the wooden stand) and will not post through a letterbox, but subsequent months will.

You can have the subscription box sent straight to the recipient, or if you prefer you can have the first one sent to you so that you can give it as a gift. There is an option box for you to request this. If we send the first month to you please make sure that you Bespoke Verse account shows the correct address for you as that is what we will use.

The option boxes will guide you through entering the name and address for the recipient of the poetry subscription box.

The cut off date for the month is the 10th, so if you order before that date the subscription will begin that month, but if you order after the 10th, it will begin the next month.

However, we will ask you when you want the subscription box to start in case you don't want it to start yet (eg until after Christmas).

If the subscription box is a Christmas gift you may want to receive the first package yourself to hand over on Christmas Day, or you may prefer the first package to go straight to the recipient January. Let us know the option box.

Inside the first box is a postcard saying who the gift is from, how long it lasts and how the recipient can change their address if they move. So you can send the first month as a complete surprise if you wish!


Delivery of poetry subscription box is by Royal Mail First Class. Delivery within the UK is free.

If you require international delivery, contact us and we will arrange for the additional postage fee to be charged. Prices for posting overseas vary according to location and length of subscription.


Wooden stand, handmade in the UK.

330gsm card, designed and printed in the UK.

Postcards 5 x 7 inches. Stand 5 x 1 inches

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