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"Amazing service, so clever & personal! I can't wait to see everyone's faces when this is read during our wedding ceremony! Thanks so much"

Celebrate your big occasion with a witty and heartfelt personalised poem written by the UK's leading poetry company. Laughter and tears guaranteed - which is why customers come back time and again!

Recommended Poem Lengths:

  • Reading - 40 lines
  • Gift for one person - 26, 40 or 52 lines
  • Gift for a couple - 40 or 52 lines
  • Rhyming speech - 52 lines or more

Personalised poetry is perfect for reading aloud at weddings, milestone birthdays and special occasions. We are especially well-known for creating funny and unique wedding readings, and witty birthday speeches for the person who has everything.

All you have to do is answer a few well chosen questions and we will do the rest.

Our poems have been referred to as 'clever', 'the gift of a lifetime' and 'distinctly not naff'. We have appeared in magazines such as VOGUE, OK!, Woman and Home, Prima, Perfect Wedding and Easy Living.

Our award winning poets, led by Oxford Graduate Joanna Miller, are published writers who know their rhyming couplets!  In 2015, Joanna won a national poetry competition run by Bloomsbury Publishing and The National Literacy Trust.

When you order we email you a questionnaire within 24 hours about your special person or event. We ask about likes and dislikes, character, nicknames, habits and hobbies, in-jokes and funny stories.

Our poets will use your words and ideas to create a clever and affectionate portrait of recipient(s). You will be sent a proof to approve and any tweaks required will be made for you. The final version will be emailed to you as a word document.

We will email the poem to you via a word document.

H 29 x W 21cm (A4)


Happy 60th Birthday Mum

In Bournemouth town there lives a mother

Superior to any other. Sixty years of age is she,

Though looking more like twenty-three,

The secret to her youthful glow

Is golf and gym and veg, you know.

Yes, Beryl has that mystic art

Of always looking very smart.

Her hair: perfection on a head

As soon as she gets out of bed;

The home immaculately neat

(As long as Colin wipes his feet.)

Now, anyone who crosses Beryl

Is truly in a state of peril,

For Mrs N has such a glare

You really wish you were not there!

In fact, you’d very likely say

That lady’s like a Milky Way:

A firm and solid outer part

With soft marshmallow at the heart.

She’s the lynchpin, axis, core,

The lighthouse guiding you to shore,

The rock that’s there whatever weather,

And keeps the family together.

So Happy Birthday Mrs N

Beloved Mother, Wife and Friend.

Copyright Joanna Miller 2012

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