A life less ordinary...


Bespoke Verse has a great relationship with marketplace, so it was a real honour to be asked to give a 'tag' talk to NOTHS staff about our brand and our story last week.  I managed to write pretty much the whole presentation in rhyme, which made it a little bit 'less ordinary' as their strapline goes!

A few days later I found myself on the Partner Panel at the NOTHS yearly gathering of partners, Make, Do and Meet.  I was interviewed alongside my dear friends Wink Design and Paper Plane, about all things NOTHS, from our very contrasting daily routines, to how we go about developing products.

Having a background in teaching does make these kind of occasions a little easier to participate in, I have to admit.  I enjoyed every minute and I loved hearing about the others' working days and what they want to achieve from their businesses.




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