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"Just wanted to say @bespokeverse Thank you so much for the beautiful poem you wrote with my daughter’s help! It was moving, funny and bang on! Not a dry eye in the house" 

Lisa Faulkner, Twitter



We've had such great feedback from our wedding poem for celebrity couple of the hour Lisa Faulkner and John Torode,  we thought we'd give you the lowdown on commissioning your very own Bespoke Verse poem.

You might be after a wedding reading or a brilliantly funny and moving speech.  We've written thousands of poems for weddings, of all different kinds.

For Lisa and John we wrote a poem for Lisa's daughter to read about the couple.  We sent her some questions to answer and then turned her answers into a rhyming verse.  We were careful to make it suitable for an 11-year old to read easily whilst also entertaining a room of adults.

We did the same for Eastenders actress, Luisa Bradshaw-White and her wife Nettie.  She loved it so much, she arranged the poem for the Torodes!

In the last 8 years we've had hundreds of celebrity customers, from BGT judges, to Olympic athletes.  Many want to keep their orders private, so you won't hear us mention a thing!

Get in touch if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.  You can also read our FAQs here.


Reasons to order a wedding poem:

  • Be completely original!  Nobody else in the world will EVER have the same wedding reading (or speech) as you
  • With us you get the best writers in the UK - actual professional poets - who have years of experience. At least two poets will work on your order, one to write it and one to edit it.
  • You'll get laughter AND tears (in a good way) and comments about your poem for AGES afterwards.
  • We've won tons of awards and have featured in Perfect Wedding, You & Your Wedding, BRIDES, Wedding Ideas Magazine, to name a few.  We've even sold our wedding poems in John Lewis.
  • You'll get a proof to check through and you can make any changes that you want (although you probably won't want any, as we usually get it right first time, we did for Lisa and John!)
  • Prices start at £165 which is a lot less than you'll spend on pretty much anything else for your wedding!  You can order a poem by email or printed and framed - we have lots of designs to chose from.


"If anyone is looking for something personal written for a wedding, funeral, bday.... ⁦@BespokeVerse have just written THE BEST POEM for The Torode’s Wedding!"

Luisa Bradshaw-White, Twitter⁦


*Images courtesy of James Fear Photography (top) and our clients Hayley Green and Amy & Rich.


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