Kirstie Allsop's Handmade Fair 2018

One of my favourite events on the Bespoke Verse calendar is The Handmade Fair.  This year was our fourth time at the show, which is held on The Green at Hampton Court from a Friday-Sunday in mid-Septenber.  It's a wonderfully uplifting affair, full of the nicest people who start conversations with each other in queues.  The beautiful sunshine we seem to get every year also helps!

Kirstie Allsop has had a rough ride in the press and on social media recently but amongst crafters and designer makers she is an icon. She has done so much for the making and crafting community over the last few years and has helped to create a fresh interest in handmade and upcycled products and projects.

When you meet her in person she is full of energy, charm and enthusiasm.  Over the course of the show she does her best to meet and greet as many visitors, exhibitors and presenters as she can.  She is hugely professional and hardworking, and not in the least bit fake.  We are team KA all the way!

Kirstie loved the bag featured in the picture and grabbed it for the photo.  She's always been very complimentary about our products, and it was great to be greeted with a big smile and 'oh I always LOVE this stand' when she returned to see us this year.

To find out more visit The Handmade Fair website here.  You might even see an image of us from our first stand in 2015!


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