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I've been looking out for ages for a book review account on Instagram that was on my wavelength.  Like most working mums of three, I'm pretty busy so I wanted reliable recommendations for great fiction in a quick and easily digestible form.  An instagram version of that cool table in Waterstones, where all the best new fiction resides!

There are some beautiful #bookstagram accounts out there, but I wanted to follow a British account which was driven by the quality of the book and not the image.  I also wanted to follow an account where the books had actually been read rather than being on a 'reading list' or arranged by colour of spine on an Ikea bookshelf.

The sort of books I like to read are what you might describe as 'literary fiction.'  Women writers, historical settings, dystopian futures, adventures, political upheaval, and clever timelines get my attention, but I do enjoy all sorts of fiction and will give anything a go (except maybe churned out Chick Lit!)

@fortysomethingreader came about because I simply could not find that site!  I took a bag of books on holiday last summer and set up my own.

So far I have reviewed 68 books which I think are life-changing reads.  If I don't enjoy a book, it doesn't get a mention.

I've also read some fantastic books which have been recommended via discussion on the page and I'd never heard of. 

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