The Easter Egg's Lament

I’m a little chocolate egg
I’m longing for affection
I’m stuck here on the Easter shelf
In a 3 for 2 selection.
I’d like to date some eggy chicks
But lots of them are rotten;
They say I look a saddo
With a mug stuck to my bottom.
The Thornton girls are snooty
The Buttons immature
The Yorkies want an action man
The Flakes are simply pwaoorrr!
I’d love to come out of my shell
Yes, marriage is my quest,
And raise a brood of mini eggs
Inside a cornflake nest.
But here I sit, a hollow man,
Without the means or gumption
To flee this box and foil suit
And my certain fate: consumption.
Joanna Miller (c)2017


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