A Visit To Etsy HQ

Last week I had a rather exciting day out to Etsy UK HQ. 

I was one of a small group of Etsy sellers invited to have lunch with new CEO Josh Silverman and his executive team, Rachel Glazer CFO and COO Linda Findley Kozlowski. Read more about them here.

After a fabulous lunch (sweet potato curry, since you asked), we were able to put questions to Josh, Rachel and Linda, along with some of the lovely Etsy UK team.  Subjects discussed ranged from the Etsy search function and Etsy wholesale to variation boxes, mental heath projects and Brexit. 

It was incredibly inspiring to hear Josh talking first hand about how this huge global business, with over a million and a half sellers, is putting the idea of 'being human' at the centre of the both the seller and the Etsy customer experience.

One aspect I love about Etsy is that it offers a level playing field for sellers.  Whether big operations or single makers, everyone can work on their titles, tags and storefront to ensure an equal crack at the whip. You definitely get out what you put in!

As Josh pointed out, there is a market for every product sold on Etsy, and different sellers will attract different customers.  As a maker whose work has inspired copiers in the past, I found the message very comforting - quality will find its marketplace!

I was super-excited to see inside Etsy's London headquarters near Kings Cross, and the venue certainly did not disappoint. As you can imagine, it was tastefully decorated with accents of Etsy orange, with lots of products on display - as well as the usual quirkiness and wit you'd expect from Etsy. 

It was a plus to drink tea with some really interesting new faces, as well as some old friends, and to introduce some of our products to each other and the UK team.

I've been an Etsy seller for 5 years, although it is only in the last few years that I have become more involved in Etsy, taking part in events and finding out more about the international market there is for Bespoke Verse products. As you can imagine, English speaking countries account for the majority of our overseas orders, although via Etsy we can speak to a huge global audeince and have dispatched packages to every continent in the world.

You can visit my storefront below, as well as the shops of the other sellers invited to meet Josh and his team - you won't regret taking a look, they are all fabulous!


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