Check out our foxy new logo!

Today sees the launch of this beautiful new website and our gorgeous branding and logo.  We are thrilled to bits with the result.

We've been working with Seattle-based web design company Aeolidia to create an exciting new look and an efficient, speedy website where it is easy to shop for our growing range of Bespoke Verse products.

Why a fox you ask?

Well, she's actually a vixen.  She represents our love of words and was inspired by the familiar phrase 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.

Foxes are quick-witted, determined and clever - that's how we like to see our brand and our products. 

We can also relate to the idea of the mother fox who goes out 'to work' to feed her cubs.  Bespoke Verse was set up by Joanna Miller to allow her to work within the school hours of her 3 children.  The team now consists of 9 working mums who work flexibly so we can all be there when our children need us. 

As for working at night...we've got that covered!

We've even got our own 'lazy dog', Dickens, in the studio, so the design feels perfect for us in every way.

We've given our vixen the name Emily after poets Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson (a nice mix of the UK and US we thought.)

Take a stroll through the site and let us know what you think -  it's taken almost a year to get to this point and we are so pleased to finally share it with you. 

We'd love to hear your feedback.

Joanna and team




  • Craig on

    What an amazing web site, all the hard work has really paid off.. Well done Team BV.

  • Rachel Bath on

    Always been such a big fan! Love the new look. Very best of luck ladies x

  • Stephanie Cole on

    Strong look ladies, loving it! X

  • Becky Roberts on

    I met Joanne at an Xmas fair about 4 years ago, I follow bespoke verse on fb & I’m always so inspired by seeing how amazing your doing! Love your new branding!
    Love, another mummy working on her business from home x

  • Verity sparks on

    Lovely new site and branding :) looks great guys!

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